Polypropylene Filters

Product Description

Polypropylene filter cartridges are precisely manufactured for use in critical filtration applications within food, pharmaceuticals, biotech, dairy, beverages, brewing, semiconductor, water treatment & other demanding process industries.

Polypropylene Pleated cartridges use the very latest gradient density micro fiber media technology to provide a combination of excellent micro ratings, high flow rates and high contaminant holding capacities. A special combination of polypropylene media with variation in the fiber diameter has created a gradient density matrix, ranging from open on the outside to finer on the inside.

Polypropylene offers an extremely broad chemical compatibility making it suitable for many applications.


  • Ultrafiltration membrane
  • RO Membrane filters
  • 600- Flowpure –HF
  • Pleated cartridge filters
  • Nano pure High precision PES
  • SEA Water RO Desalination
  • Waste water treatment


  • All Polypropylene Construction
  • Absolute & Nominal Efficiency
  • 0.1 to 40 Micron Ratings
  • Gradient Density Micron Fiber Media
  • Robust Outer Cage
  • Thermally Welded Construction
  • FDA Approved Filters

Spil-on Oil Filters:

  • Rexflow has a range of oil filters, especially suitable for screw and vane compressors and vacuum pumps applications, bearing in mind that these filters will have to endure sudden changes and extreme limits in pressure and temperature.
  • The oil filters that we offer are usually of the spin-on type and can be provided with a by-pass valve, if it is not already to be found on the heads or in the lubrication circuit.
  • Generally the most commonly used filtering media is made of cellulose, however fibreglass and metallic mesh versions are available on request.
  • Every batch undergoes stringent laboratory performance tests in terms of resistance to cyclic and maximum working pressure.

 We provide a wide range of standard product in the filter technology division.

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