Industrial Hoses

Air hose in a large selection of sizes, manufactured using the latest technologies and best materials to ensure maximum safety, efficiency and adaptability.
Hose for compressed air, water and non-aggressive fluids, abrasion and weathering resistant, with high working pressure and heavy duty use.
Rexflow is designed for compressed air, to convey water and non-aggressive fluids in various industrial applications.

REXFLOW ROTARY DRILLING HOSE is composed of three parts: tube, reinforcement and cover. The tube is made from NBR, which is resistant to abrasion, corrosion and oils. The reinforcement is made from 2-8 layers of high tensile and high strength spiraled steel wire, making the hose have solid structure and resistant to high pressure. The cover is made from high quality synthetic rubber, mainly chloroprene rubber, making the hose resistant to abrasion, corrosion, cut, weather, ozone, aging and sunlight. The hose has longer service life as a result.

REXFLOW steam hose, designed for saturated steam with 6bar in maximum working pressure; Exhausting the water after using to extend the service life.
Temperature:-40°C to +165°C(-40°F to +329°F)
Tube: Resistance to high temperature saturat-ed steam EPDM synthetic rubber.
Reinfrocement: High strength synthetic cord
Cover: High temperature, weathering and ozone resistant.

Rexflow standard suction hoses are available in various diameters and features special reinforcements. It also compliance with international highest standard regulations.

 We provide a wide range of standard product in the filter technology division.

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