Hydraulic Filters

Hydraulic Filter Elements

Rexflow hydraulic filtration product line features the complete hydraulic range of filter elements with a high dirt-holding capacity to ensure consistent filter efficiency and long element life. These elements are available with various filter materials, different construction types and micron ratings to help protect critical system components.

Rexflow’s wide range of filter elements provide trouble-free operation when filtering abrasive fluids, cooling lubricants or water-based fluids and are designed to achieve absolute filtration.

Our product categories:

  • Inline Filters
  • Return line Filters
  • Suction Filters
  • Spin on Filters
  • Accessories


  • Deep Filtration
  • Absolute Filtration
  • High particle holding capacity
  • Best micron rating at high Δp
  • Usable for mineral oils, emulsions and for most synthetic hydraulic fluids and lubrication oils


  • Deep Filtration
  • Nominal Filtration
  • Constructed of paper and polyester fiber
  • High material stability and strength
  • Available in 10 μm


  • Surface Filtration
  • Nominal Filtration
  • Provides high resistance filter elements (irrespective of the hydraulic fluid used)
  • Available in 25 μm, 40 μm and 80 μm, other micron ratings on request

Quality Assurance

The filter elements are tested according to several ISO Standards:
ISO 2941 Verification of collapse/burst pressure rating
ISO 2942 Verification of fabrication integrity
ISO 2943 Verification of material compatibility with fluids
ISO 3723 Method for end load test
ISO 3724 Determination of resistance to flow fatigue using particulate contaminant
ISO 3968 Evaluation of pressure drop versus flow characteristics
ISO 16889 Multi-pass method for evaluating filtration performance

 We provide a wide range of standard product in the filter technology division.

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