Compressor Filters

Compressor Filter Elements

Rexflow Compressor filtration product line features are specifically for installation in rotary screw and rotary vane compressors and they are available in vertical, horizontal and spin – on configurations Corrosive resistant materials are used in the construction of the air/oil separators.

Rexflow’s wide range of filter elements provides specific technical requirements of some OEMs, spin-on type air/oil separators which are often designed and personalized according to customers' requests.

Our product categories:

  • Air Oil Seperators
  • Air Filters
  • Oil Filters

  • Careful welding procedures and the use of the latest twin pack adhesives ensure that the element has high mechanical strength.
  • Experience has shown that through correct installation and also using the correct type of oil, our separators can have a life expectancy of many thousands of hours.

  • Rexflow are distributors of a wide range of air filters, which are able to satisfy specific customers demands within the compressors field.
  • Traditional style air filters are available as well as the new type of “ecologically friendly” elements which are manufactured without the use of metal parts.
  • The elements have high dust retention levels and are available with paper media as well as polyester (glass fibre) media for special applications.

  • Rexflow has a range of oil filters, especially suitable for screw and vane compressors and vacuum pumps applications, bearing in mind that these filters will have to endure sudden changes and extreme limits in pressure and temperature.
  • The oil filters that we offer are usually of the spin-on type and can be provided with a by-pass valve, if it is not already to be found on the heads or in the lubrication circuit.
  • Generally the most commonly used filtering media is made of cellulose, however fibreglass and metallic mesh versions are available on request.
  • Every batch undergoes stringent laboratory performance tests in terms of resistance to cyclic and maximum working pressure.

 We provide a wide range of standard product in the filter technology division.

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