Rexflow means quality. The certification from the manufacturing facility complies according to ISO 9001:2000 is a result of our high quality standards. All our associates are working in accordance with this standard.
Ideas coming from research, development and design, are implemented in the manufacturing process. The result are products, which comply with all demands of the End users.
All their innovative filtration products undergo a series of computer aided designs and are developed to incorporate high efficiency elements to meet the cleanliness standards demanded in today's hydraulic systems

Research and Development

The research and development laboratory facilities, based in Italy, work hard to continuously improve the products to International specifications.
The filtration specialists have all the equipment necessary to design innovative technologies in relation to filtration, testing standards and quality control.

The filter elements are tested according to several ISO Standards:
ISO 2941 Verification of collapse/burst pressure rating
ISO 2942 Verification of fabrication integrity
ISO 2943 Verification of material compatibility with fluids
ISO 3723 Method for end load test
ISO 3724 Determination of resistance to flow fatigue using particulate contaminant
ISO 3968 Evaluation of pressure drop versus flow characteristics
ISO 16889 Multi-pass method for evaluating filtration performance

 We provide a wide range of standard product in the filter technology division.

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